Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Deep Cove

A couple of weeks ago a friend and ex-colleague from Safeway, Liz, sent me a message asking if I wanted to go to a place called Deep Cove. I of course agreed, but on the day we planned to go we decided to cancel due to the weather. We thought it was going to rain, but it didn't, but it was a very gloomy day.

Then the day we eventually went on had fantastic weather, good call Liz!

We started the day at Cates Park and walked around to the cove through the residential area in-between. I of course asked whether Kate knew we were in her park, yeah, terrible, I know. Anyway, the view that the houses in the area had from their windows screamed "expensive property". The view was stunning, especially on a day like the one we had.

A nice little treat as we made our way to the cove was discovering an Easter tree in the front of one of the homes. Liz got very excited about this.

Not long later we reached Deep Cove.

The harbour has a great view across the Indian Arm and out towards the Belcarra Regional Park.

Walking across the cove we came across a dude performing an interesting sport known as slacklining. Liz was rather impressed with the skill being displayed, as was I. For your viewing pleasure I recorded a short clip of the guy doing his thing.

We then proceeded to the Baden-Powell Trail which led us to Quarry Rock, this looked out over Deep Cove and beyond; it was an awesome view.

After heading back down the trail we ended the day with doughnuts at a place in Deep Cove. All in all it was a great day out.

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