Monday, September 1, 2008

Flight Confirmed!

Well, I've finally sorted out the flight to Canada, it's booked and confirmed! I will be leaving on Wednesday 8th October 2008, and will return a whole year later! I'll be flying with Air Canada from Heathrow to Vancouver, and will be travelling with other BUNAC participants. So, I'll be able to chat with people who are in the same boat as me (or plane in this case).

However, after looking at the flight times, and accounting for time differences, I'll be on that plane for 10 hours! The longest time I've spent on a plane (not including waiting for take-off) is about 45 minutes. They had better have good on-board entertainment!

Air Canada A330 Cabin In-Flight
Image owned by caribb.


  1. You'll mostly likely get three films and a bunch of shitty mainstream filler.

    If you're with a respectable air line, you should at least have remotely attractive hostesses (see Ryan Air or EasyJet for what you get for £30 return).

  2. Hopefully the films will be interesting, 10 hours is a long time!

    I don't know about your "Hostess Hotness" to "Air Line Respectability" ratio. On the way out to Amsterdam with EasyJet they weren't that bad.

  3. Maybe you just have awful standards, or perhaps the good airlines can't afford them any more.